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To order a mobile bird from the "mobiles" page or for enquiries, please contact me at fabisfugle@outlook.com and indicate the desired bird. For paintings and prints, please contact me at the same email address. Important: read the text below before you order mobiles.

  • My bird mobiles are suspended to a branch by nylon threads and "fly" when pulling lightly on the stone underneath. Each bird is fully hand-made, and therefore unique. I develop original models, attempting to remain close to real size and colours. Most are quite small birds. You can check dimensions in the description for each bird. Birds marked with [*] are in stock, and others can be made on demand (normally 3-4 weeks beween order and dispatch).
  • Dimensions. The length (L in the descriptions) and wingspan (w) are fixed. The height (h) is indicative, and indicates the approximate space the bird needs to hang and fly correctly.
  • My birds are not toys but decorations! The threads can break under excessive pull, and the materials used are not certified as being child-safe (paint, varnish and threads).
  • Branch: either a branch collected in nature and dried (irregular, with bark, nodes, small side-twigs, sometimes dark-coloured), or an "industrial" round wood modelling stick (regular, smooth, always light), in both cases varnished. If you have a preference, please mention it in your order.
  • If outside the EU, please make sure before ordering that import of such wooden objects is allowed (branch; birds are made of poplar plywood, coated, painted and varnished). I cannot refund or deal with birds stopped by your Customs office.
  • Stone. Collected from one of many outings, with a colour matching the bird. I choose the stone to ensure that the bird flies well. If there are colours you really dislike, mention it when you order. I use stones of various colours (black, grey, white, yellow, orange, reddish, greenish, purplish, brown, ... all except blue!) and they may be uniform, stripped, spotted, smooth, rough etc.
  • Threads. Transparent nylon line, the knots are small but not hidden. The thread and knots are visible when looking close.
Fabrication and dispatch:
  • The mobiles shown on the site are made on order. You should expect normally 3-4 weeks between order and dispatch, except for those in stock or in preparation (marked with [*] in the description).
  • Dispatch is by Post (if you are in Denmark, mobiles can also be collected in Lejre). Birds will normally be dispatched at the "letter" rate, without tracing. The price will be indicated in the invoice (generally about 40 dkk in Denmark, 7 € in the EU).
  • Payment. Through Mobile Pay, Paypal or bank transfer. Instructions for payment will be sent following order. Your mobile will be dispatched only after payment is received (and fabrication time as above).