Fabienne Grousset

© Fabienne Grousset


Fascination for botanical and zoological illustrations led me to painting, and I still find my inspiration in nature. I paint because I am attracted by all geographical and internal travels, and to share dreams, emotions and sensations. Keen traveller, I have a passion for mountains and deserts. I am fascinated by large desert spaces, geometry of lines, clouds rushing over immense landscapes.

Mobiles arose from a fascination for birds, their various colours and shapes, and the attraction of creating my own models. Developing mobiles has been a new self-taught discovery, from raw wood to colourful flying bird.

I lived in France and Italy, and have settled in Denmark in 2008. Agronomist by training, I have created my artistic path thanks to the enthusiastic experience of Antonina Alupi in Paris and Kristien de Neve in Rome, who gave me the means to paint.